Wednesday, October 31, 2012


If I kept a list of favorite major holidays, Halloween would not make the cut. I know a lot of people just adore it; they go all out with decorations, costumes, pumpkins. We are not those people. We're more of a Thanksgiving kind of family -- we'll take mashed potatoes over candy any day.

That being said, I wish were going to a costume party this year. It's been two years since we last dressed up (as Kinsey and Joan from 'Mad Men') and I miss it.

Alas, as old married people in a new city (that will likely be overrun by drunk Giants fans due to the World Series victory parade this afternoon), we will be staying in tonight.

Hey, maybe we'll have a real trick-or-treater this year? Doubtful, considering there are like, eight children total in the entire city of San Francisco. But a girl can hope, right? (And buy candy just in case!)

Happy Halloween, kids.

P.S. This cracked me up:

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