Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is a very big day. Today is Election Day.

In some ways, this election came out of nowhere. Usually, I am involved in the election or campaigning in some capacity - going door to door to register voters, working at a polling place, calling voters in swing states on behalf of my candidate (ahem, Obama).

But this year, because of timing of the move, the confusion regarding our residency status, and subsequently, our voter registration, we were relatively uninvolved. (And it absolutely pains me to write that.)

Not voting at all, however, was simply not an option. We submitted our absentee ballots last week and while it's strange not to be headed to the polls today (I want a sticker!), I am feeling good.

If you haven't voted in this election yet, go now. It is your right and your responsibility.

In lieu of the obligatory ivotedsticker photo (so bummed!), please enjoy these shots of our artistry and enthusiasm from Election Day '08 :)

Clearly, Dave wins as the most skilled pumpkin carver in this family.

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