Saturday, November 10, 2012

this week

Oh hey, it's another mild, sunny and breezy afternoon here in San Francisco. Sure, soon the fog will roll in and the temperature will drop, but until then, one could mistake this for a cool summer day.

Please note that I am not complaining. No, because the weather here as about as perfect as it gets. No snow, no hurricanes, no bitter cold, no thunderstorms, no extremes. It's truly lovely and I am lucky to be here. (In fact, I've waited my whole life to live in a place where coats with three-quarter length sleeves are practical. Hurrah!)

But admittedly, I am missing my midwestern fall. Normally by this time of year, we are eating our way through our second batch of chili and our summer clothes have been long stored away, replaced by cozy wool sweaters. Instead, Thanksgiving (and my birthday, as it happens) is a mere two weeks away and we have yet to close our windows! Strangest of all, the leaves here are still as green as ever. What!?!?

Living in California, without distinct seasons, is an adjustment and that is all. I realize there are worse problems to have :)

Anyway, in looking for all the usual signs of autumn, I was drawn to all things orange (and some yellow, too). 

Some photos from the week:

In our neighborhood. Love all the bold and bright doors.


The last dahlias of the season.

Baking pumpkin cookies with measuring cups from my Momma, who is in Madison. I miss her.

My very first piece of Le Creuset cookware. So exciting!
(It's a grill pan, not a dutch oven, by the way. 
And purchased with store credit and a well-timed coupon. 
I don't just indulge in fancy cookware whenever my heart desires - unfortunately.)


Persimmons from the farmers' market. 
It's pretty cool to taste a new fruit for the first time at the ripe old age of 2*.
I would describe them as pumpkin apple tomatoes. But better.

Orange-tinged sunflowers. Also from the farmers' market.

I've wanted to read this for a very long time; found it at goodwill for $1. Wonderful so far. 

Another awesome door. And the one almost-autumn tree in SF. 
(Also in our neighborhood.)

Wearing my new yellow scarf at brunch this morning. 
(It is very warm indeed... a little too warm.)

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh those measuring cups! I saw those at Anthropologie and they were sooooooooo cute.

    Very glad I ran across your blog by the way... :)