Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Margot is settling into her new home quite nicely. She especially loves the carpet -- she can comfortably plop her pointy little butt anywhere she likes.

It took her a few weeks, but she has finally figured out that we are here to stay.

And now I shall bombard you with photos of my dog...

vertical margotvertical margot

I love this dog, but man, she is a dopey dope (a term I learned from my favorite high school math teacher). A few croissants short of a continental breakfast, if you know what I mean. Every afternoon, she settles in for a long nap in the sun only to wake up an hour later huffing and puffing. She begrudgingly lifts her head and looks at me like, "hey, what happened?" but she never actually moves. This dog simply does not understand that it's the sun that makes her hot. She's so clueless, we actually have to lure her away from the window with a toy or treat so she can cool off for a bit. And time after time, once she's cooled down, we find her back in the sun, napping away...

Oh, Margot.

*If you are concerned about the wellbeing of this dog, please don't fret. All greyhounds are lazy bums who sleep all day long. In fact, Margot is considered spunky for a greyhound. It's true.


  1. Hi Jennie. I got your comment on my earplugs post and wanted to write you back but couldn't find an email address so I'll just comment here! :) Thank you so much for recommending a white noise app. Something I had never thought about but of course: duh! :) I'm going to try it tonight. Thanks again.

  2. HAHA how funny and cute. Gorgeous photos of a beloved friend :)
    ps: love your blog!