Sunday, October 21, 2012

ninja dog

Margot is never where you expect her to be.

One minute she is curled up in the corner, the next she is sprawled out on the other side of the room. We never actually witness the migration, either; you just look up and - out of nowhere - there she is. Or isn't.

Yesterday, Dave and I were busy hanging photos when I canvased the room and dog was nowhere to be found. Naturally, I panicked. How does a lazy greyhound escape from a 16th floor apartment, exactly? They don't. But, you know, I feared the (completely illogical) worst.

We checked every room in the apartment (all four of them) and nothing. No Margot. What the heck?

And then, on the couch, buried under a pile of blankets, I noticed an adorable long brown nose poking out.

No idea how she ended up there. What a goof.

P.S. This always cracks me up.  

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