Tuesday, April 9, 2013

tune for tuesday // dan croll

My entire life could be described as a series of obsessions. Be it a band, an item of clothing, a book, a historical era, a food, a color, whatever. I become so focused on one thing, I live it and breathe it. Until the next thing comes along...

Mostly though, I am obsessed with songs. Sometimes a whole album will creep in there, but it's usually just a song. A song that plays on repeat until I know every single measure, word, beat, riff by heart. It drives my husband crazy! The question, "really, that one again?" is heard often in our home :)

I thought maybe I would share these musical obsessions in a new series I'm calling "tune for tuesday." Creative, I know.

Here's my pick for this week. (Best played at maximum volume.)

I think it's especially wonderful because you can dance to it.

P.S. Happy Birthday Marmee!

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