Tuesday, April 23, 2013

big sur // as seen through my iphone

I have been dying to share the highlights of our Big Sur trip, but due to some computer issues, I haven't been able to sort through the gazillion photos I took. So, until I can tackle that beast of a project, my iphone pics will have to do.

Guys. Big Sur stole my heart. I loved it so freaking much. It is my new favorite place in the world. 

The best of the best of the best? Getting to experience one of my all time favorite bands, Grizzly Bear, play an intimate moonlit show under the redwoods. No, it most certainly does not get any better than that.

Also, I realize the quality of these videos is terrible and, even worse, they aren't even full songs, but I can't resist spreading a little bit of Big Sur Grizzly Bear love.  

Yes, I know it's very dark. That was the point. Just a pretty song in the moonlight... with heat lamps :)

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