Sunday, September 23, 2012

wyoming // tetons

Just south of Yellowstone is a small little place called Grand Teton National Park. I'm so glad we did not overlook this hidden(ish) gem.

We originally thought a teton was a tree (not even kidding) and boy, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves wrong. The tetons are, in fact, mountains and wow, they are magnificent.

As we left the Grand Teton area (the Grand Teton being the highest peak of the range), Dave noticed a strange cloud in the distance. We didn't think much of it until we started approaching Jackson, Wyoming. Once we saw the orange flickers at the mountain peaks, we knew it couldn't be good. Indeed, it was a wildfire. 

We pulled over near Jackson Hole to find out more about the fire (it was huge), and see if it would force us to make a detour (it did not). At the rest stop, we saw a woman crying as she watched the tremendous clouds of smoke cross the sky. As soon as she noticed Margot, our little people magnet, she rushed over to dote on her. As we chatted with Margot's new friend, we learned that she had lost her home in Colorado to wild fires just last year. She and her husband had subsequently moved to Wyoming.

I cannot even imagine.

I hope the people of Jackson, and their homes, are safe.

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