Thursday, September 6, 2012

so long, chicago

picasso // daley plaza

Today is our last day in Illinois. And wow, what a perfect, beautiful, sunny, magical day.

As I was strolling around downtown this afternoon (avoiding the trip back to Oak Park on the dreaded blue line), it finally hit me. We are actually leaving. Like, for real. TONIGHT.

The thing is, we will always be in touch with the friends and family we're leaving behind. We can always come back to visit our favorite spots in the city. But from now on, we will be mere tourists in a place we once called home. How strange it will be.

Of course, we will make new friends in San Francisco (and reconnect with old ones, too!). We will find new favorites - restaurants, bars, parks, sights. We will even, eventually, call San Francisco home.

But until then, I sure will miss my beloved city by the lake.

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