Friday, September 28, 2012


Whoa. We've been living in San Francisco for two weeks and I'm still talking about the road trip. Oops!

Did you know that Idaho is actually really gorgeous? We certainly didn't. At times, it felt like we were driving through a painting. Rolling hills, distant mountains, reflective lakes, and pristine farms in every direction, all the time.

To be honest, we knew very little about Idaho in general.

They have the potato, of course.

And then there's Napoleon Dynamite.
(I actually begged Dave to take me to Preston, where the move was filmed, but alas, there was no time.)


Yep. That was the extent of our knowledge about Idaho.

Well, a few hours into Idaho, we reached an unprecedented level of boredom and again turned to our faithful friend, Wikipedia. Turns out, there is an interesting story behind the origin of the name Idaho, which you can read here. Interesting being a relative term, of course :)

Ultimately, we left Idaho knowing more than when we arrived and that is something, I guess.

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