Friday, December 28, 2012

soundtrack 2012

When I was but a wee sophomore in high school, I enrolled in a theatre class for fun (for those who don't know me, this is remarkable simply because I am, and always have been, painfully shy -- for a time, I couldn't even order my own Taco Bell in the mall food court). On the first day of class, as an ice-breaker activity, we were randomly called upon to share our favorite thing in the world.

I purposefully sat in the back, slumped down in my desk, and avoided eye contact with the teacher, hoping my presence would be overlooked. But alas, after every other kid had spoken (do you know how many high schoolers love the smell of freshly cut grass? a lot), she indeed found me. 

"Um, that feeling you get when you hear an old song and it takes you back to the first time you ever heard it. Like a time warp or something."

*crickets chirping*

Okay, I realize my answer was not exactly profound but judging by the looks I got, you would think I confessed to torturing puppies. 

To this day, I still don't understand why that was such a bizarre answer. But whatever, it remains true.

Music has always been one of my greatest pleasures in life and since that year of high school, I have made a point to create a 'best of' playlist at each year's end. Not because I claim to be a music critic or anything of the sort, but as a means to catalog and someday revisit the events of the last twelve months.

In no particular order, the songs that will always make me think of 2012:

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