Monday, December 31, 2012

a look back

truly, twentytwelve was the best year yet. 

it was a year of new adventures and new opportunities. of unrivaled highs and minimal lows. the year dave and i celebrated our five-year dating anniversary and our one-year wedding anniversary. a year of huge promotions, a fresh start and so much love and laughter. the year we saw conan, attended sxsw, and participated in an all songs considered listening party (notable because i met my hero, mr. bob boilen). saw wilco, sufjan, and japandroids, finally went to pitchfork, and rocked out at lollapalooza for the sixth consecutive summer (what can i say, we love live music). 

oh yeah, and it was the year we moved all the way to san francisco to begin a whole new life... with only five weeks notice :)

twentytwelve, you were mighty good to us. 

my favorite moments/foods/images/people of 2012 via instragram:

i cannot wait to see what twentythirteen brings. 

happy new year!!!

(also, go badgers!)