Thursday, May 16, 2013

and this is where i used to live.

I fell for San Francisco so quickly that it seems I forgot how much I once loved Chicago. The architecture, the lake, the el, the city parks. It's a spectacular city in its own right. And even with the fog and rain (which I must have brought with me from San Francisco; sorry Chicago), it was mighty nice to be back last weekend.

I flew in for my dear friend's bachelorette party and it was a blast. I have a special love in my heart for bachelorette parties that involve good food, great friends, and not a single tacky party favor in sight. Nope. Not a one.

Here are some crappy iPhone photos from my very short trip. Photographic masterpieces they are not. But they make me oh so happy.


  1. I love the photos of the buildings practically engulfed by the sky and the low hovering clouds. So beautiful.

    1. Thank you! It was perfect weather before I arrived and my friends were so mad at me for bringing the fog. But I thought it was beautiful!

  2. Really nice pics. Have a great weekend.

  3. agree! such a great freakin' city. I miss it sometimes, but then i have to remember how much i also ADORE SF.

  4. welcome to the bay! love love my home!! hope you do too!!