Sunday, February 10, 2013

snow days

With all this talk of snow and storms and whatnot, I'm feeling a little left out. Truth be told, I love a good blizzard. That warm nighttime glow of a city under a fresh coat of snow? Yes, I miss that very much.

In fact, when I was a kid I lived for the ever-elusive snow day (there are snow plows aplenty in Wisconsin; it takes a serious storm to shut down the University and surrounding schools). Each time it snowed, I would wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the school closings scroll across the bottom of the tv screen, desperately hoping that maybe this would be the day -- that rare opportunity to waste a day eating Frosted Flakes and watching cheesy soap operas (anyone remember Passions?). Oh, what joy! Indeed, snow days are the best days. 

But now I live in California, where dreams of snow days go to die. So now, I'll just be looking at these photos from my last trip home to Wisconsin and thinking of winters past...


  1. These are great photos, we only had snow for a day and it doesn't really get that frozen here! I'm visiting your blog from the bloghop :)

  2. Wisconsin looks amazing. Lovely photos!

  3. Beautiful photos! I live in the Seattle area, and have been so bummed that we haven't gotten any snow this year!