Thursday, June 13, 2013

a dog's life

A typical morning is like this:

Dave wakes up at 6:30a.m. And, reluctantly, so do I.

He gets up, dresses for work, walks Margot. I lounge in bed and read.

When he leaves at 7:00, I get up, make coffee, and start my work day (from home). Margot follows me.

This morning, after a few hours of power-editing, I noticed that Margot was not sunsoaking in her usual  spot below the living room window. Nor was she lounging on the couch.

No, no. She was still in bed. Fast asleep. On Dave's pillow.

Oh, my sweet little lazy girl.

 ^^^ busted! ^^^


  1. Margot is so so cute! I don't know how you manage to wake that early, we both got lucky and make our own schedules in our '9-5's' Love your blog btw :)