Monday, March 11, 2013

wherever you are, there it is

You know what I love? Line. Architecture. Sky. Negative space. Light. Shadow. Reflection.


I finally made my way to the Financial District of San Francisco, where I was inundated by all of the above. And thank goodness. Though I adore San Francisco's Victorian and residential charm, sometimes you just need the city. Wide sidewalks, speeding taxis, crowded crosswalks, pedestrians with purpose (none of those lollygagging tourists), honking, rushing, hustle and bustle. And of course, skyscrapers.

While I am staunchly opposed to the Transamerica Pyramid on aesthetic grounds, I admit that it is indeed the centerpiece of the San Francisco skyline. Wherever you are, whenever you look up, there it is.

see the window creeper? ^^

In my next life, I have every intention of being an architect. And the one after that, I shall be a pilot. Just in case you were wondering about my reincarnation plans...


  1. I have always wanted to visit San Fran! Even more, I adore that you chose to make these photos black and white.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I have never seen buildings that high haha. Sure is going to be something to get used to when I go to America. Thank you so much for your tips by the way, that's really helpful! xo

  3. oh my goodness, gorgeous.
    my husband will be working right in the financial district, so i will definitely have to take it out.
    and love the black and white of these photos.


  4. these are gorgeous. I want to go now.

  5. love the shadow lines in the second photo. perfect.

  6. These photos are gorgeous! I can never seem to take these great of pictures when I'm on vacation

  7. I love that city, I love a land lined by skyscrapers & lights.