Monday, August 27, 2012

summer baseball

Nothing is better than summer in Chicago. Nothing. After eight months of cold, dark, grey winter, the city comes alive for a few short, blissful months - the lakefront, the lake breeze, the bike path, street festivals, food festivals, fireworks, lollapalooza, pitchfork - everything about this city is that much more wonderful in the summertime.

And of course, what is summer without baseball? This week, I went to my very first Sox game. The game itself was mostly boring (until the bottom of the ninth when then sox hit a home run to break a tie and take the win - or something like that). But the sky! The sky above the game was breathtaking. Who can concentrate on a baseball game when the backdrop looks like this?

skies over u.s. cellular field // white sox

After the game, we stayed for fireworks (of course!). Apparently, it was Country Music Night at US Cellular Field and the soundtrack for the fireworks was all country -- including some of the most sentimental songs I have ever heard. Now, I am not a fan of country music so I cannot for the life of me tell you the names of the artists, but I do remember some of the song titles. They were: Home, The House that Built Me, Who Says You Can't Go Home, Please Don't Leave Home, and the killer closer.... Sweet Home Chicago. 

Needless to say, I was in tears by the end of the night. 

Chicago, I will really miss you. 

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  1. My husband plans on applying to school in Chicago. I plan on visiting sometime in the near future. I will defiantly try and go to a baseball game!